Wired invited me again to re imagine their logo for their Occtober 2014 issue

Hope and restoration in Prisons 1. Third Way Magazine November 2014

Rewilding the soul. Third Way 2014

Hope and restoration in Prisons 2. Third Way Magazine November 2014

WIRED UK MAGAZINE. December 2013 Issue.

Is Healing a reality? Reform Magazine June 2014

MULTIFAITH. THird Way Magazine 2014

Wired UK magazine asked me to redesign their logo for the January 2014 contents page using a chosen texture. I went for human hair.

TW May 2014. Dreams- they speak to you.

TW May 2014. Children of the digital age. Article responding to the various challenges that policing the internet brings parents.

WHY SPORT IS SPIRITUAL. Despite Chariots of Fire and St Paul's exhortation to 'run the race', it's tempting to see the current Olympic fervour as a distraction from the serious business of the soul. But sports psychologist Mark Nesti believes the very opposite is true. Third Way Magazine 2012.

HOW TO START A REVOLUTION. Christianity Magazine 2012.

Wired February 2014 i-pad edition on brain activity.

TW Aprilo 2014. Article praising the effective proactive paths to peace made by women caught up in the Israel/Palestine conflict.

TW March 2014. faith Schools article.

TW May 2014. Ssssssh and pay attention to your dreams.

TW magazine article about the history of atheism

RITES OF MEN. How important is it for men to enact rituals in the modern age? Third Way Magazine 2013

WIRED UK Magazine. October 2013 issue.

FORSAKING THE FAMILY. Simon Parke. Lauren is crying in frustration. Now in her mid-thirties, she has travelled half way across the world to escape her controlling and judgemental mother, Third Way Magazine 2012.

IN SACRED FOOTSTEPS. The practice of pilgrimage is found in all spiritual traditions - but why? Adam Weymouth is walking from England to Jerusalem to find out. Third Way Magazine 2011..

LIFE IN DEATH. The religious certainties of youth can often wane in middle age. But the death of a friend brought Cole Moreton back to the fundamental questions and a new appreciation of Britain's post-Christian spirituality. Third Way Magazine 2011.

FOREST CHURCH. Like the naturalist John Muir, many of us find it easier to encounter God in nature than in religious institutions. Bruce Stanley shows how a pioneering new movement is attempting to combine the best of both.
Third Way Magazine 2013

TW November 2013. Stunning story about a widow who utilised social media to get a tight fisted and cold hearted insurance company to cough up so she could support her late husbands young twins.

Notes From A Dark Place: Pain, hatred and the magic of forgiveness. How learning to let go allowed me to live again by Anonymous. REFORM Magazine 2013

CODED HUMANITY. He cracked the Enigma code, designed the first computers, and invented a test to sort man from machine - before being criminalised for his homosexuality. One hundred years after Alan Turing's birth, Kester Brewin believes the father of artificial intelligence ultimately taught us to be more human. THIRD WAY MAGAZINE 2012.

Would we ever dream of treating our bodies in the way we treat our minds? In the run up to Mental Health Week, Simon Parke argues that de-stigmatizing therapy in the workplace and society will ultimately restore a 'golden thread' that leads to the soul.
Third Way Magazine 2013

LEGS! A large backdrop for the 2012 Liverpool Fashion Expo.

ECSTATIC COMMUNION. Working alongside heroin addicts in inner-city Dublin, Rob Clements recognised unexpected parallels with his own religious experience. Here he ponders how a good drugs policy must engage with liturgy. Third Way Magazine 2012


Goodbye, teddy.

I hope you'll be here when I get back. You will be the same, won't you?

I wonder if I will be the same, too? Or will I have changed?

Does something happen to me when he does these things?

How will I be when I get back this time?
Third Way Magazine 2013.

HOME BY ANOTHER ROUTE. After drifting into agnosticism, Mark Vernon left the priesthood and dabbled for a while in Buddhism, before noticing a conspicuous absence. Years later, he seeks in meditation a deeper selfhood than his own. Third Way Magazine 2011

SPIRTUALITY ON THE OPERATING TABLE. Could it be that an epidemic of depression is finally waking up modern medicine to the importance of treating both body and soul? Former surgeon GEOFF LACHLAN reports on a mainstream shift in the understanding of spiritual health. Third way Magazine 2010.

FACE TO FACE JUSTICE. It transfigured South Africa, Northern Ireland and Rwanda, and now it'squietly working its way into our prisons. Facilitator Paul Chambers celebrates the increasing presence of restorative justice in the UK penal system. Third Way Magazine 2011.


Brent Clark is a UK based illustrator with over 20 years experience. Having trained at Central St Martins Brent now combines his time between psychotherapy work and illustration commissions. Brent can work to tight deadlines.